Week 3

Season 4 – Week 3 Challenges Guide

This guide will provide you with the location of each challenge, along with tips and tricks.


  • Revive 5 players

This challenge requires you to help 5 people on your team back up.

  • Deal damage with Pistols to opponents

Deal 500 damage with any pistol to opponents in any game mode.


  • Search chests in Lonely Lodge

Search 7 chests in Lonely Lodge.

lonely lodge


  • Search Rubber Duckies

Search 10 Rubber Duckies.

Locations of the rubber duckies

rubber duckies


  • Follow the treasure map found in Salty Springs

The Salty Springs treasure is at the following location.

treasure map done png


  • Sniper rifle eliminations

Get 2 eliminations with a sniper rifle. Remember that if you knock someone with another weapon in duos/squads, you can finish them off with a sniper and it will still count as a sniper elimination.


  • Eliminate opponents in Titled Towers

Eliminate 3 opponents in Tilted Towers. We recommend landing on a rooftop to secure the high ground advantage.